Marcia Thompson

Born in Rio de Janeiro

Lives and works in London and Rio de Janeiro


1985/89 Arts - Visual Arts School of Parque Lage/RJ, Brazil

1984/87 History - Pontifical Catholic University/RJ, Brazil

Solo Exhibitions

2017 'B.L.O.C.O.S' - Janaína Torres Gallery, SP-Brazil

2014 'Chromes' - Mercedes Viegas Gallery, RJ-Brazil

2011 'Desalinho' - Mercedes Viegas Gallery, RJ-Brazil

2005 Mercedes Viegas Gallery, RJ-Brazil

2002 'Overlap', Aahus Kunstbygning, Denmark

1997 'Marcia Thompson and Carin Carlson' - Lund Art Gallery, Sweden

1996 Casa Tringulo Gallery, SP-Brazil

       Espaço Alternativo Gallery, IBAC/FUNARTE, RJ-Brazil

       Centro Cultural São Paulo, SP-Brazil

1993 Casa Triângulo Gallery, SP-Brazil

       Fundação Cultural de Curitiba, PR-Brazil

Group Exhibitions

2018 'A Fio, A Cor' - Aymoré Gallery - Villa Aymoré , Rj-Brazil

      'Here amonsgt us' - Aymoré Gallery - Villa Aymoré , Rj-Brazil

      'Lost and Found' - Marcia Thompson and Isabelle Borges, Botschaft Gallery, Berlin

      'Cor Viva Cor' - Oxford University Press, England

2017 'Purity is a Myth'- Nara Roesler Gallery, SP-Brazil

      'Weiter so' - Kunstraum Potsdam, Germany

      'The role of image I' Marcos Chaves, Carla Guagliardi and Marcia Thompson - One Paved Court Gallery, London- England

      '(dis)placement'- Ugly Duck Off Quay, London and Jacarandá Arts Club, RJ-Brazil

2016 'Spectrum 2/ About paper', Galerie Eigenheim Berlin - Germany

      'Inscape', Erfurt Kunsthaus - Germany

      'Rosa', Mercedes Viegas Gallery, RJ-Brazil

      'The role of image?' - Terra-Arte Gallery, Aylesbury- England

      'Mutable Archives', Gallery 32, Brazilian Embassy, London

      'Untitled', Mercedes Viegas Gallery, RJ-Brazil

2015 'Visual Arts Awards'(1st prize), Sala Brasil, Brazilian Embassy, London-UK

2014 'Salão de Pinturas', Mercedes Viegas Gallery, RJ-Brazil

2013 'Construções para lugar nenhum', Mercedes Viegas Gallery, RJ-Brazil

2009 'POP'- Mercedes Viegas Gallery, RJ-Brazil

       'Trabalhos em papel', Mercedes Viegas Gallery, RJ-Brazil

       'Arquivo Geral', Justiça Eleitoral Cultural Centre, RJ-Brazil

2006 'draw-drawining-2', London Biennale, London-UK

       'Brazil Art Lounge", Temporary Art Centre, Eindhover-Holand

2005 'Tell Tale', EWHA University Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2004 '40 in May", The Cobdan Club, London-UK

       'CU-MMAB', Project 142, London- UK

2003 'Alternating Currents', UECLAA, London-UK

       'Chance Encounters', Gallery 32, London-UK

2001 'Sur face', Lund Konsthall, Sweden

1999 Theodoro Braga Gallery, PA-Brazil

1998 '10 years of Casa Triângulo', Casa Triângulo Gallery, SP-Brazil

1997 'Suspended Instants', Art in General and Sculpture Centre, NY-USA

       'Arco 97', Art Fair, Madrid-SPAIN

1996 'Universidarte', Estácio de Sá University, RJ-Brazil

       'Dois Anos de Escultura no Paço', Paço Imperial Gallery, RJ-Brazil

       'Pequenas Mãos', Paço Imperial Gallery, RJ-Brazil

       'Novas Aquisies de Gilberto Chateaubriant', MAM-RJ/BA-Brazil

       Monica Marques Gallery, MG-Brazil

       'Amigos da Calouste', Calouste Gulbenkian Gallery, RJ-Brazil

1995 'Oito', Galpão da Guaiacurus, MG-Brazil

       'Amanhã,Hoje', FAAP Museum, SP-Brazil

       Salão Nacional(UNESCO prize), MNBA Museum, RJ-Brazil

       'Situações Transitivas', Joel Edelstein Gallery, RJ-Brazil

1994 'Imagem nao Virtual',Casa Triângulo Gallery, SP-Brazil

       'Escultura Carioca', Paço Imperial Gallery, RJ-Brazil

       'Projeto Macunaima', IBAC/FUNARTE, RJ-Brazil

1993 'Processo n. 738 765-2', Parque Lage Art Gallery, RJ-Brazil

       'N-8', EAV-Parque Lage Art Gallery, RJ-Brazil

       15 Salão Carioca de Arte, Parque Lage Art Gallery, RJ-Brazil

1990 'Novos, Novos', Centro Empresarial Rio Gallery, RJ-Brazil

1989 13 Salão Carioca de Arte, Carioca Station, RJ-Brazil

Collections and Prizes

Collections: Gilberto Chateaubriand (Brazil), Patrícia Phelps de Cisneros (Venezuela), Essex Collection of Art from Latin America and Brazilian Embassy (England). Prizes: Unesco - Salão Carioca de Arte (1989), first prize of Visual Arts Awards (2015) and PIPA prize nominee (2018).